About Me

My name is Courtney and I currently reside in Tennessee, USA. I'm 22 years old and going to Middle Tennessee State University for a Bachelor of Science (and hopefully a masters!) in Geology with a minor in Spanish (one more year to go!). I love Lady GaGa, hello kitty, hula hooping, dinosaurs (hence the shirt), my wonderful boyfriend, aaaand all things nail polish. 

Fun fact: I bit my nails in a severe way for 21 years. One day back in April of 2011 I decided I wasn't going to bite them anymore, and I haven't since. I've been looking at nail blogs religiously over the past few months and have grown quite fond of the nail world. Needless to say, I'm a newbie and have so much more to learn and I hope to meet some really awesome people while I'm at it. :)