Sunday, November 27, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 10 - (A Very Late) Gradient Nails

Over the past week or so I've learned that finding time to blog is very difficult when one has tonz of exams to study for, a Thanksgiving to celebrate, and a paper to write. Not to mention, since the sun goes down at like 4pm it's tough to try to get pictures when the it's out. Humph. Tonight's task is to come up with some kind rough draft for one of my Geology classes, and it's probably going to take all night, but I figured if I don't post my gradient nails now then it could be another week before I'm able to post them again. :( So, without further ado, my gradient nails!

*Natural Light, no flash

*Natural Light, with flash. (<3 my eos, btw)

These didn't really turn out the way I expected... They look more tie-dyeish, I think, but I still really loved them and got sooo many compliments! The polishes I used: 

An unnamed red by Goldie
OPI Dutch Tulips
Sally Hansen Flashy Fuschia
Milani Tip Toe Pink
China Glaze White on White
The glitter I used on the accent nail was Orly Tiara

I can't believe I'm already a third of the way through with this challenge. :o I have a feeling the next two-thirds will be the real challenge for me, heheh. Next up: polka dots! :D

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