Tuesday, December 27, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 20 - Water Marble Nails

Hey, ya'll!

I'm really tired from working a 12 hour day so this post is going to be pretty short. Day 20 was water marbling and this was my first everrr attempt at it. Here's the final result:

Excuse the haggardness of these; this photo was taken after working three shifts (working in a restaurant is terrible on my nails :\). I have to say that this definitely got the most compliments out of any mani I've ever done, and this won't be the last water marble I do. ;) The polishes I used were China Glaze White on White, Barielle Thrilling, and Orly Lucky Duck; they worked really well for this technique. Any difficulty I had was my own fault, heheh. 

How do you ladies feel about water marbling? Thanks for reading! ^_^


  1. Love it. Looks great for a first try! I haven't tried water marbling yet but it's on my list of thing to try!!

  2. @Kaki - Thanks, girl. You NEED to try this asap; it's so much fun!

    @ChromaCraze - Thank you! :))

    @Nail Reflections - Heheh. It does, doesn't it? Thanks! :D

  3. these are so cute! reminds me of watermelons :)


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