Sunday, January 29, 2012

HITS Atena, Valentine's Day Style

Good evening, all! :)

So I knew that I really wanted to do my nails tonight but I had zero inspiration/idea as to what to do to them. Don't you hate that? I attempted a water marble and hated how it was turning out, so I took it all off and then decided to do my first Valentine's Day mani of the "season". :P I hope that's okay even though V-day's a little over two weeks away. OH WELL. 

I started out by using HITS Atena.

*Artificial light, with flash

*Artificial light, no flash
Atena is my favorite HITS polish from the No Olimpo Collection thus far. A good pink + a good holo is always fine by me! I stared in awe at my nails for a good five minutes and then decided it needed something else, of course. I thought Atena was the perfect Valentine's Day color, so I stamped with Konad plate m78 on each ring finger and this is how it turned out:

Besides being a little wonky towards the bottom (oops), I quite like how it turned out. ^_^ I hope everyone has had a happy Sunday and enjoyed my first Valentine's Day mani! 

As always, thanks for reading. :tup


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