Thursday, June 7, 2012

Indie Fever! Dreamsicle by Lush Lacquer

Hey pretties!

Today I have another indie to show youuu. ^_^ This one has been one of my favorites thus far, for sure. 

I present to you, Dreamsicle by Lush Lacquer (this is three coats)!
Artificial light, with flash.
Natural light, no flash.

I. Am. SO. In. Love. Lush Lacquer describes Dreamsicle as a "baby blue base with a mixture of glitter... silver and blue hologram glitters are used throughout. This color looks best alone. It is opaque after 2 coats." As you can see, there are small and large silver holo hex, silver holo bar, and large blue holo hex glitters in a light blue base; it's freaking gorgeous. :L 

You can purchase this and other AMAZING polishes here at Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop. They just released 15 brand new polishes that everyone needs to go check out/drool over ASAP. :D

Do you love Dreamsicle as much as I do?!
Thanks for reading, loves!


  1. Such a fun summer colour :) But also wish I could paint my nails as precisely around the cuticles as you have, looks so good!


  2. OMG such a gorgeous color. This is what Whimsical/Glitter in the Air should have been! haha. Great nails btw. So jealous.

  3. I like it, but I wish more glitter came out of the bottle :/

    1. Plenty came out, actually. I just covered it up more than I'd have liked with the third coat. :P Two coats was perfect.


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