Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm Baaaack!

Hey, lovelies!

Again, I'm really, truly sorry for taking such a long hiatus from blogging, but I just could not find the time to paint my nails AND take photos/edit/blog while I was working so much over the summer. The couple times I did do something really cool to my nails I'd work the next day and they'd chip horrifically or something equally stupid. I've really missed it, though, and I hope you guys are willing to forgive me. I think with my school schedule this semester, I'll be able to post a once or twice a week. :D

I chose to kick my blog back into full swing with some simple stamping:

This is Color Club Hot Like Lava stamped with Konad Gold Black and BM-208. I reeeally love this stamp and the pink/black combo has always been a favorite of mine. 

What do you guys think? Thanks for reading!


  1. pretty, I just love this stamping image!

  2. ABOUT FREAKING TIME ;) love the stamping. and the solid black over the metallic. Gorg.

  3. Welcome Back! I for one have missed you! About once a week I say where the hell did Courtney go?!?


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