Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Do You Lilac Glitter Gradients?

Good day, all!

Today I'm going to show you guys my first ever attempt at a glitter gradient. :$ 

First I used OPI Do You Lilac It?
*Artificial light, no flash.

Then used NOPI One Less Lonely Glitter for my gradient.

*Natural light, no flash. 
Excuse the slight color differences. I couldn't get a good shot of the glitter inside so I took it outside. Meh, that's purple polish for you, hardly ever photographing right. >.< The color is a little darker and way more lilac in real life; the first picture is more color accurate than the second. It's really pretty, though. ^_^ So what do y'all think? I actually like it a lot! 

Thank you all for reading! <3


  1. Very pretty! I love this color!

  2. Very pretty gradient. Love the colours ;)

  3. GORGEOUS! i freaking love that lilac

  4. I lilac glitter gradients a lot;-) I'm wearing a pink one right now. This is so springy:-)

    1. I saw it on your facebook (I think it was?)! So gorgeous. And thank you! :)


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