Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elixir Lacquers 'With a K'!

Greetings, lovely nail addicts!

I'm currently watching a documentary called "Meet the Sloths" and my heart is melting so hard I can't even stand it. I love them so much... :L

 Anyway, today I'm going to show you the last of my most recent indie brand purchases. I had my eye on this for one a while and then my bestie over at Simply Beauty. bought/swatched it, thus convincing me to finally buy it, as well. :) 

So without further ado, Elixir Lacquers With a K

*natural light (cloudy), no flash. Three coats.
*artificial light, with flash. Note pretty holo pieces!

Elixir Lacquers describes With a K as a "silver and electric violet holographic micro glitter with violet prismatic glitter, suspended in a violet jelly base". SO MUCH VIOLET, nomz. This completely lived up to my expectations. :e The formula was good and was applied with no trouble at all. It was cloudy today so I wasn't able to capture the utter gorgeousness of this polish in the sun and in real life, but I tried to show you the holographic parts a little better in the second photo. 

If you'd like to purchase from Elixir Lacquers, you may go to their website right here. Their polishes range from $10-12 + shipping and although it took a while (two weeks or so due to family emergency) for my polish to arrive, I've heard it's usually a fairly speedy delivery. :) They also send your polish wrapped in felt because it's supposedly easier to remove glitter that way? I'll be sure to test that out when taking this off and report back. ;)

What do you all think of Elixir Lacquers and With a K?! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Gorgeous polish, and cute sloths!! XD

  2. Awesome polish! Those sloths are soooo cute! Aww!

  3. Loveeee. And thanks for the tag :p

  4. omggggg so adorable! and that's a beautiful polish! i love all the glitter

  5. I love how much is going on in this polish - AND it looks great on you!


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