Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finals Week Blues: Day 1 - HITS Apolo

Hello, hello!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my week long absence. My parents went away for their 30th anniversary and took my camera. >.< Okayyy, it's THEIR camera but I use it a lot more than them! Humph. Anyway, I hope you all will forgive me; I'll try not to do it again. :angel

In other news, school is very slowly creeping to an end for the semester and as happy as that makes me, what stands in my way of being finished highly depresses me. :~ Therefore, I have decided to dedicate every blog post until next Thursday to shades of blue. This also gives me an excuse to use my poor, neglected blue polishes. :P 

So, here we go. 
For day one I chose HITS Apolo!

After a couple days of wear, thanks to the camera stealers. ;)

So I know you guys have already seen Apolo along with the rest of the No Olimpo Collection a bajillion times, but this was honestly (and surprisingly) the first time I picked mine up since I bought it months ago. :o Apolo is a bright marine blue holo, plain and simple. I really love this one and, unlike its brothers and sisters that I've tried so far, it applied flawlessly. No gloopiness or wonky brush here! 

So yay, that's all I have for today. I hope everyone is having a good week so far!
Thanks for reading. :D


  1. I actually haven't seen this color before and it's so pretty! I need to pick up more of these polishes.

  2. ohh nooo but im glad your cameras back! i think its a good gift to ask for when schools over :-P awesome color!

  3. Heheh, well I have my own camera but their's is a really nice, fancy one. Chances are they wouldn't gift me with one of those anyway since they already have one I can use. ;) I'll need a new one when I move in December, though! I didn't even think of that. >.<

  4. didnt realize this one was such a deep blue.. love it!

  5. i almost bough this just the other day! it's gorgeous.

  6. This is so dreamy. I can't get enough blue polishes!!

    Good luck with the end of school!!! :D


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