Wednesday, November 16, 2011

31 Day Challenge! Day 8 - Metallic Nails

Hey there! I don't have a whole lot of metallics so I used OPI Designer... de Better! which is actually a foil, I believe. I was so excited to use it, though, so you'll have to forgive me. ;) Anyway, on to the pictures!

*Artificial light, no flash. 

*Outside, no flash. (LOVE)

*Shade, no flash. 

*Outside, no flash.

I am so in love with this polish. The champagne/copper combo is fabulous. I just have a mini of this right now, so I'm definitely going to have to find its bigger version ASAP. :) Thanks for reading!



  1. REALLY? I try really hard to keep them moisturized, but I feel like they look like crap a lot of the time because they get so dry. THANKS, THOUGH, BESTIE.

  2. I finally looked it up. TIL what a cuticle is.

    Oh, and I looked up the definition of vegetable... "A plant or part of a plant used as food, typically as accompaniment to meat or fish, such as a cabbage, potato, carrot, or bean."

    So it's any part of the plant that's edible. The more you know.


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