Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Glitter Badge!

Hey girl heyyy!

So my bestie over at Simply Beauty. gave me this awesome badge the other day, and I believe now is a good time to make a post about it! 

Yay! I've been a glitter polish fan for a looong time; I'm pretty sure my first polish ever was a glitter. :P Now loose glitter that gets all over the place and doesn't come off for anything... not so much, lol. Now, to be worthy of this badge I believe I must post a picture of my favorite glitter, but I could only narrow it down to five and I made sure that they're polishes I've worn before. Otherwise I'd have like 15 to show. o_O So here we go!

I chose to wear China Glaze Love Marilyn for this post. This is a new favorite, for sure.
*Artificial Light, no flash
*Natural light, no flash
The other four that I couldn't let go unmentioned.
L-R: OPI Teenage Dream, Servin' Up Sparkle, Rainbow Connection, Milani Purple Gleam 

L-R: Purple Gleam, Rainbow Connection, Servin' Up Sparkle, Teenage Dream
 And there you have it! These are my top five favorite glitters (in no particular order) thus far. I'd like to thank Taylor for passing this along to me, soo... THANKS! :P She has an awesome beauty blog and if you haven't checked it out yet, go do it now! :i 
Thanks for reading, y'all!


  1. Beautiful polishes and manicure!! :D Congratulations on the badge!! ^-^

  2. thanks, bestieeee! That red glitter is AWESOME. Servin up Sparkle reminds me a lot of CG's Snowglobe, too

  3. @Ashesela - Thank you, thank you! :D

    @Tay - Thanks! It was so hard picking just five. o_O

    @LittleMonster -Thanks! I love it, as well!

  4. These are beautiful glitters! I love the silver in Love Marilyn!

  5. @Nail Reflections - Thanks, girl! I love it, too! I can't get over how well the red/silver goes together in it.

    @Polish and Charms - Yay, thank you! :D


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